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Kylie Levine

Julia has been and continues to be AMAZING! I got my girls from her a little over 2 months ago and I still rave about her. It is so clear the amount of time, effort, love and support she provides to each and every bunny she has. I was SHOCKED at how friendly my girls were right of the bat. They are honestly the sweetest baby buns ever! You can pick them up, pet them, and they are totally kid friendly. They are 100% socialized and actually love being around us and spending time with us. They have all of my friends and family contemplating buying bunnies because of how wonderful they are! 🥰

On top of all of this Julia was super accommodating and insanely helpful! On the day of pick up we actually met at a pet store and she walked through the pet store with us and offered her thoughts/recommendations and words can’t describe how much we appreciated that (especially because I’m a first time bunny momma)! I still reach out every now and again for advice/insight from Julia and she is always providing exceptional customer service. I HIGHLY recommend The Cope Clan and her bunnies. 100000% satisfied!! 

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